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Capture the essence of a campfire night with our S'mores Cold Brew. This beverage transforms the classic outdoor treat into a drinkable delight, blending the rich flavors of s'mores roasted coffee beans with a smooth, cold brew foundation. Choose your milk and enjoy the sweetness of our house-made simple syrup. The experience is elevated with a cup lined with marshmallow whip and chocolate drizzle, topped off with whipped cream, more chocolate, crushed graham crackers, and three toasted jumbo marshmallows on a stick. It's an adventure in every sip.

S'mores Cold Brew

  •     S'mores flavored Cold Brew
        Homemade simple syrup
        Choice of milk (whole or oat)
        Marshmallow whip
        Chocolate drizzle
        Whipped cream
        Crushed graham crackers
        Toasted jumbo marshmallows on a stick

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