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Beyond just a cup of coffee, we're a mobile craft coffee brand that is here to make your day incredible!

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At the heart of The Valley Coffee Co. lies a dream shared between two families. A dream where great coffee is just the beginning. Late into the night, through countless coffee cuppings and recipe testings, we embarked on a journey.


It was more than just opening a business—it was about bringing a vision to life. In 2021, with two wooden carts and a tent, our adventure began at local vendor markets.


Soon, a used trailer transformed into our beloved mobile cafe, allowing us to share our passion throughout San Angelo. Our journey is fueled by dreams, coffee, and the desire to make every day better for our community.

Coffee splashing in a cup


Welcome to the heartwarming embrace of The Valley Coffee Co.'s coffees. Here, every sip feels like coming home. Our cold brews, lovingly crafted, are like a gentle hug in a mug, soothing your soul with each taste. 


We treasure the simple joys of coffee making, creating flavors that comfort and console. So, pull up a chair, let the aroma fill your senses, and let's share in the simple, cozy pleasure of great coffee.


Even if coffee isn't your cup of tea, The Valley Coffee Co. has something refreshingly delightful just for you! Dive into our selection of handcrafted lemonades, each sip bursting with tangy citrus goodness. From classic lemon to tantalizing flavored options, our lemonades are the perfect thirst-quenching companions for any occasion. Made with the freshest ingredients and a dash of love, our lemonades promise to invigorate your senses and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.


You can find us sprinkled throughout our beloved town of San Angelo, TX, bringing our passion for coffee to every corner. Whether it's a bustling street market or a quiet neighborhood gathering, we're there, ready to serve up smiles along with our exceptional brews. 


At The Valley Coffee Co., community is at the heart of everything we do. We cherish the opportunity to give back and make a positive impact wherever we go. Whether it's supporting local events, fundraisers, or community initiatives, we're dedicated to enriching the lives of those around us.

Ready to discover where The Valley Coffee Co. will pop up next? Interested in bringing our mobile cafe to your event? Connect with us and become part of a story that goes beyond coffee. Let's brew something beautiful together. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates and behind-the-scenes peeks into our coffee adventures!




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